BVOH filament is water-soluble support material.
No need to manually deal with supports.

BVOH filament features



BVOH filament is a water-soluble high-quality support material that gives the possibility of rinsing support material from the model and leave it in a perfect form. It can  be  used with many different polymers including PLA and PP and guarantees excellent forming and adhesion properties. This environmentally friendly material is a support when printing items with overhanging and especially complex structures. There is no need to manually deal with supports.

BVOH filament properties

The best effects of dissolving support material can be achieved with warm water. However, it can not be a temperature that threatens the building material. Water heated up to approx. 50°C will help remove the supports from the printout much faster. This process can also be improved by mixing water. Finally, ensuring optimal conditions, such as in an ultrasonic cleaner, will dissolve the BVOH filament in just a few minutes.  This environmentally-friendly material provides support for printing objects with overhangs or particularly complex structures

BVOH filament – 3D printing 


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