HIPS filament is a polystyrene-based polymer similar to ABS but its mechanical properties and general resilience are slightly higher.

HIPS filament features


The model surface hardness is high which leads to improved scratch and impact resistance. Its properties allow HIPS filament to be used as model material but also as a support for different materials. HIPS is easy to paint and it’s machinable. It’s non-toxic thus safe for contact with food, non-biodegradable but recyclable. As the support material is can be easily removed without the need for any further post-processing and providing high dimensional accuracy and high surface quality. HIPS is soluble in D-Limonene which allows us to use it as the support material for complex and demanding prints. HIPS filament works very well with the ABS.

HIPS filament properties

3DGence recommends using modifed version of this material called HIPS-X. This material is used only as support material and has better resistance for higher temperatures.



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