ESM -30

ESM-30 is a reliable soluble support material. It makes post-processing quicker and easier, reducing the time and cost dedicated to the project.



ESM-30 by 3DGence is a better alternative to other popular support polymers (BVOH, PVOH, PVA). Because of its alkali-soluble features, it is less prone to moisture absorption, thus storage requirements are not as rigorous as in the case of other materials (PVA, PVOH or BVOH). Apart from upper tolerance to humidity, ESM-30 offers a reduced risk of clogging the nozzle, and no foaming after extrusion.



Truly saying, ESM-30 can be used in each sector. It is especially recommended for those who want to reduce the manual work and risk of printout damage. Before buying this support material, you should double-check with 3DGence advisors, what filaments are compatible with ESM-30. Feel free to ask 3DGence customer support to find out more details. 



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