3DGence INDUSTRY F340 in the newest commercial of ASUS laptop

3DGence is honored to be included in the launch video of the ASUS ProArt StudioBook Series. 

It was an incredible experience to participate and test this sleek, industrial design grade laptop.

Preparing part to be 3D printable in 3DGence Slicer 4.0 opened in ASUS laptop
3D printing of a part with the use of 3DGence INDUSTRY F340.
The 3D printing engineer using ASUS laptop.

Industrial 3D printer & ASUS ProArt StudioBook Series

The Intel Core i7 processor had plenty of power to drive our CAD design and 3D Slicer software – and run multiple complex 3D prototype prints. 

Thank you, ASUS for including 3DGence and the INDUSTRY F340 in the launch of your newest laptop. 

See the Creative Chain Project below: