INDUSTRY F421: meet the true industrial 3D printer

Analyzing the huge potential of additive manufacturing (AM), we have to emphasize the importance of professional 3D printers. The industrial-grade machine can get the best out of 3D printing in FFF technology and provides outcomes that elevate your business to the next level. Our flagship INDUSTRY F421 meets the pivotal requirements of Industry 4.0, going far beyond the qualities of a desktop 3D printer.

Additive manufacturing: safety first!

Before we move to the economic and technological aspects of INDUSTRY F421, let’s stop for a while on safety. Some filaments, especially those consisting Styrene, may generate toxic fumes, such as VOS, UFP, PM10, PM2.5, while melting and dispensing. Taking care of the operator’s health and well-being, we decided to use an enclosed chamber and add an optional 3-layer filter unit. These solutions prevent serious health problems and some minor interruptions, such as headaches or fatigue. Additionally, the machine is equipped with an emergency stop, a signal tower indicating the status of the print, UPS – backup power supply, and compatible software that guides a user step by step through the process of printing. INDUSTRY F421 provides a top-safe working environment and continuity of production which is certified by TUV Safety and Regular Production Surveillance.

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Designed to face industrial challenges

INDUSTRY F421 features some qualities that allow your company to work more efficiently and effectively. Bearing in mind our customers’ expectations and industrial needs, we focused on creating an easy-to-operate, fast, and multifunctional machine that handles 24/7 operations.

The printer is equipped with a dual extruder. That means it can print the main model and the support structure from two different materials at the same time. It results in unlimited design freedom and reduced risk of damaging the print during post-processing (thanks to soluble support materials, such as ESM-10 or BVOH).

The constructors paid great attention to the speed of printing. As you are probably aware, the speed of printing affects the timeline and budget of the whole production process. INDUSTRY F421 can print up to 400 mm/s. Additionally, its travel speed (how fast the extruders move when they are not extruding materials) is 1 m/s. These parameters make the 3DGence printer a reliable and efficient tool that can optimize your time to market and labor engagement.

Another crucial advantage of the machine is a large volume, actively heated chamber. With the chamber dimensions of 380x380x420 mm, you can manufacture even large, full-scale models, without splitting them or joining the parts afterward. According to our research, INDUSTRY F421 has the best volume-to-price ratio in its class. So what is the reason behind a heated chamber? The enclosed, actively heated chamber allows the user to create durable, strong parts out of high-performance materials, engineering, and commodity filaments. This feature guarantees the durability of the end product, meeting the standards and norms that apply in the most demanding sectors, e.g., railway, defense, aerospace, automotive, healthcare, and so on. The actively heated chamber (reaching 195ºC) applied in INDUSTRY F421 ensures the top-level quality of the printouts, delivering neat, ready-to-use parts. It also works well when it comes to tooling, rapid prototyping, and making jigs & figures.

INDUSTRY F421 is ready for a full range of filaments

Business seeks flexibility thus an industrial-grade 3D printer should be compatible with all types of filaments. FFF technology can be a really powerful tool, however, it is worth remembering that not all filaments offer the same level of performance. The most advanced thermoplastics, belonging to the high-performance group, offer the highest mechanical properties and great resistance to heat, stress, or chemicals. Some of them can replace metal items. To obtain the desired parameters of items made out of PAEK/PEEK polymers, ULTEM™, ASA, HIPS, or PC, a professional 3D pinter is a must. High-performance materials have stringent requirements to be printed correctly, therefore we equipped INDUSTRY F421 with (mentioned above) an actively heated chamber, hardened drive gears, special build plates, or dedicated nozzles. Thanks to that, the user can reach reliable and robust prints with advanced geometries, able to resist severe environments. Simultaneously, INDUSTRY F421 works seamlessly with commodity and engineering polymers.

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Actively heated chamber

Keep calm and manufacture without obstructions

Many of our clients confirm that professional 3D printer INDUSTRY F421 enables continuous rapid production, without stoppages for unexpected maintenance activities. Minimal downtimes, ergonomics, availability of spare parts, and long-term operations result in higher ROI and reduced TCO. The machine has a 3-year warranty, available worldwide.

The industrial 3D printer as a part of ecosystem

Industrial 3D is our Business™ and we perfectly understand the nowadays requirements of Industry 4.0. Many companies look for comprehensive solutions that cover all aspects of managing AM projects. Answering this need, 3DGence delivers 360º approach, including professional 3D printers, compatible software (CONNECT™ and SLICER 4.0), Material Management System (MMS), a wide range of filaments, and support. We offer a variety of engineering services, too. Selecting INDUSTRY F421 you choose a reliable business partner ready to act. At 3DGence we have 9 years of experience, a group of skilled, tech-savvy engineers, and a quality-first attitude. We offer all you need to take off an efficient, flexible, and effective production process with MEX/FFF technology. Many major industrial brands, such as Tesla, Volkswagen, Siemens, Miele, SAAB, AJmaker, Emtel, Johnson Matthey, or GSK, have already decided to walk 3D printing path along with 3DGence. You can meet some of their success stories by reading the article

If you want to join the additive manufacturing trend and link with the world-leading companies using 3D printing, feel free to contact our advisors and find out what measurable benefits AM can bring to your company.


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