3D Printing Services for Advanced Applications

3D Printing Services for Advanced Applications

We make the printers. We know the technology. We print the highest performance polymers. We continuously test the newest materials.

We make the printers. We know the technology. We print the highest performance polymers. We continuously test the newest materials.

Industrial 3D Printing Services

Functional Prototyping • End-Use Parts • R&D Support

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Fused Filament Fabrication/Fused Deposition Modeling

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Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), also known as Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), is a 3D printing process that uses a continuous filament of thermoplastic material that is deposited through a printing head, one layer at a time. It is well suited for the rapid production of functional prototypes and end-use parts with complex geometries and advanced materials.

Materials we use

High Performance Materials: PEEK/ CF-PEEK, PEKK/ CF-PEKK, ULTEM™/ CF-ULTEM, PPSU 

Advanced Engineering Materials: PC/ CF-PC/ ESD-PC/ CF-PA

Prototyping Materials: ABS/ CF-ABS, ASA

ULTEM™ filament



3D Printing Applications

Functional Prototypes

End use components




“So far we have shown our machines at our stands, which weigh up to several dozen tons! This involved very expensive transport. The mock-ups of the machines printed by 3DGence Services not only raised the interest among our exhibition booth guests, but helped to improve the transport and reduce the costs as well!”

Karolina Pastryk, Kierownik Marketingu i PR


“3D printed prototype of the new mode of the steering bracket was presented to the judges during the international competition, FSAE in Michigan. Due to the complex geometry of the bracket, it was impossible to use the tradisional CNC machines to create the prototype. Thanks to 3D printing technology and the 3DGence INDUSTRY F340, we were able to cut the prototyping cycle, and create and test our design within 2 days.”

Konrad Pajdzik, Leader Marketingu AGH Racing


“3D Printed prototype helped us verified the assumptions that we made for our project as well as confirm that the project was created within the tolerance and eliminate any mistakes. Using 3DGence 3D Printing Services along with the INDUSTRY F340 3D printer helped us to cut the implementation cycle and reduce the cost for the project.”

Zbigniew Chrobok, Inżynier ds. Procesu


“During the prototyping cycle is hard to achieve the perfect product especially from the ergonomic standpoint. Thanks to the print services we were able to bring our 3D models to life. 3D printing helped all of our departments add any changes to the product during the prototyping stage.”

Łukasz Sołtysiak, Inżynier ds. Produkcji

More 3D Services




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3DGence America offers personalized advice on the use of 3D printing technologies based on specific customer requirements:

  • Review existing customer processes to determine suitability for additive manufacturing
  • Evaluate production expansion projects for integration of 3D printing solutions
  • Review and edit customer CAD files to incorporate Design for Additive Manufacturing quidelines
  • Recommendation of 3D printing technology and materials


Post processing is the final stage in the 3D printing process that is used to achieve the desired visual, tactile, and surface requirements for each component.

3DGence America offers to following post processing services:

  • Chemical and mechanical smoothing
  • UV Exposure of resin prints
  • Gluing/assembling prints
  • Paintings and Varnishings
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