3D print of the anatomical model of the skull

Preoperative planning

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3D print of the anatomical model of the skull


PrintMed 3D is a company that designs and prepares 3D models that are used for medical purposes to preoperative planning. 

3D printing in a company

3D printing is increasingly used in medicine and allows for detailed planning of operations. This makes it possible to select the appropriate operating technique, discuss it in the team, and shorten the time of the procedure itself.

Only the FDM technology gives the possibility to produce the anatomical models with a limited budget and in a short timeframe.

Medical 3D imaging, design, injection molding
3DGence 3D printer
5 900 EUR
710 EUR
200 h
30 h


Design and print of the anatomical model of the child’s skull with the hydrocephalus – preparation for the implant placement surgery.


1. Detailed surgery planning

Pre-operative anatomical models allow to shorten the time of the operation and give the possibility of precise planning of the implantation. Lack of the model would increase the complications risk or other unexpected situations. The use of the 3DGence INDUSTRY F340 enabled the doctors to prepare for the operation very well. They could plan the various stages of the surgery before it was performed.

2. Accurate reproduction of the skull in a 1:1 scale

The model preparation would be hardly achievable in any other technology than 3D printing. Medical 3D imaging, design, injection molding could take up to two weeks and cost would be out of the reach of the clinic. The cost of the design and 3D printing of a highly complex model of skull was only 710 £ and the process took 30 hours.

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Visualisation of the skull in the software 3DGence Slicer 4.0.
Pre-operative model verification.

3. Introducing the parents into the course of the surgery

The uncertainty of the child’s parents regarding the surgery course could’ve negatively influenced their decision of surgery attempt. Postponing the operation may have had a negative impact on the child’s health. Thanks to the 3D partial model of the skull the doctors have explained in detail the scope of the surgery, and easily received the parents’ consent for the surgery.

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