Soluble support material.
Clear the supports without the risk of damaging the model.



3DGence ESM-10 is an engineering support material that can be rinsed out in a specially prepared water solution. It is a dedicated support for 3D printing from high performance polymers.

For the automatization of the dissolving process, we recommend the use of a dedicated cleaning stations 3DGence SDS circulation tank, where ESM-10 can be automatically dissolve. Dedicated chemical solvent should be poured into the circulation tank,  which will dissolve the ESM-10 without damaging the model material.


The material is characterized by high chemical compatibility and adhesion to PEEK, PEKK, PC, ABS and FlexFill 98A. Also, its features enable the support structure to be stable when working in a heated chamber, where the inner temperature may be higher than 80°C. Due to the possibility of printing at high temperatures, the use of ESM-10 does not cause clogging of the hotends. 


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