3D prints of end-use parts used in a belt oil skimmer

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3D prints of end-use parts used in a belt oil skimmer


Brzeska Fabryka Pomp i Armatury MEPROZET is a manufacturer of pumps; tank pumping stations; mixers; power and control equipment for pumps.

3D printing in a company

The technologists at the company decided to apply 3D printed elements in a belt oil skimmer. The device is used to remove oil build-up in the coolant.

The separating belt immersed in the liquid collects oil thanks to electrostatic adhesion.

Further, a skimmer detaches the oil from the belt and directs it to a separate tank.


3D prints


Oil skimmer
Low friction in contact with oil
Motor housing
Increased chemical resistance to oils and greases


The use of two different 3D printing materials (PEKK and ASA) to produce end-use parts for belt oil skimmer.


1. Reduction of maintenance costs 

PEKK material is characterized by high resistance to wear, so in some applications it is able to replace elements usually made of steel or other metal alloys. The use of this filament for printing oil skimmer made it possible to obtain a replacement of grade 316 steel component. Its use enables the company to reduce the wear and tear of the transport belt. The 3D printed part on 3DGence INDUSTRY F340 reflects low abrasion in contact with oil when skimming and is resistant to most types of coolants and oils.

2. Reduction of maintenance costs 

Meprozet 3D printed motor’s housing with ASA material. This filamet is characterized by increased chemical resistance to oils and greases used in the engineering industry, so it has proven itself very well in this project. 3D printing allowed the company to produce only a few housings at very low cost. Moreover, the company had the opportunity to test further iterations and adjust the product to its client.

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Belt oil skimmer equipped with 3D printed parts from PEKK and ASA on 3DGence INDUSTRY F340
Oil skimmer was 3D printed with PEKK material
Motor housing was 3D printed with ASA material

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