Quality under control thanks to patented solutions for professional purposes enclosed in a single extruder 3D printer. Unique and sturdy construction guarantees a perfect 3D printing stability and top prints quality.


Professional 3D printers’ users seek for printing platform that gives the freedom of choosing the material, ensures the high quality of 3D prints and enables long and reliable operations. 3DGence ONE is equiped with patented PUSH system that allows the quick hotend change in favor of easy use. Dedicated electronics ensures the 3D printer autocalibration due to special sensors that scan the heatbed eliminating possible problems with printing process.

Open material base

Professional 3D printer 3DGence ONE. Close-up of spool holder with red ABS filament.

3D printing with almost all materials available on the market.

The best printout quality resulting from ready to use, dedicated materials gathered in a vast constantly widened material base. Industrial construction of the printer, as well as advanced software features, allows adjusting material profiles to the needs of professional users.

Application of FLEX hotend allows to creating a rubber printouts.


Professional 3D printer 3DGence ONE. Close-up of leveling screws and ceramicheatbed.

No need to calibrate the 3D printer manually.

Have fully control the 3D printing process. Thanks to the special sensors, the 3DGence ONE scans the heatbed and stores the map of points, so it is possible to detect any surface irregularities.

This solution provides a significant increase of quality eliminates the problem with adhesion between printouts and the surface.

Swappable hotends

Professional 3D printer 3DGence ONE. Close-up of PUSH – patented quick hotend exchange system.

Quick hotend exchange.

PUSH – patented quick hotend exchange system. The solution enables to replace hotend in just a few seconds, without use of tools. Furthermore it allows to customize the printer to the current needs.

Ceramic heatbed

Professional 3D printer 3DGence ONE. Close-up of ceramicheatbed.

Easily remove 3D printouts

Provides very good adhesion during printing – allows for seamless separation of items from the work area. It leaves a textured surface adjacent to the table at the bottom of the printout.

Dedicated electronics

Professional 3D printer 3DGence ONE electronics equipped with circuit and overload protection

The ability to adjust the electrical power supplied to the engine depending on its speed.

3DGence Titanium has:
– 2 levels of thermal protection of the hotend,
– 3 levels of thermal protection of the heatbed.

Electronics is additionally equipped with circuit and overload protection.

Case studies

Plastics processing






for ONE


for ONE


for ONE

Technical specification

Print technology


Build volume

235 × 255 × 195 mm (11 685 cm3)

Min. layer heigh

50 μm

Number of printheads


Nozzle diameter

0.4 mm

Filament diameter

1.75 mm

Printhead temperature


Buildplate temperature


Model materials


Power requirements

230V AC

Max power draw


Average power draw



USB drive, SD card

Slicing software

3DGence SLICER 4.0

Printer incl. spool holder

490 × 380 × 470 mm

Printer excl. spool holder

375 × 380 × 470 mm

Printer with heated chamber

490 × 465 × 605 mm

Shipping box

465 × 465 × 605 mm

Printer weight

20 kg

Shipping weight (incl. accessory kit)

23 kg

Operational temperature


Storage temperature



Powder coated steel

Build plate material

Heated ceramic plate



XY resolution of the control system

6 μm

Z resolution of the control system

0.4 μm

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